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Giving you the competitive edge in content management

what are the benefits?

This new technology is the next step in document management.

Our solution puts you ahead of the rest with flexible scanning scenarios, meaning scanning can even be done remotely on devices such as smartphones.


captures any type of document

This system can process machine print, hand print, tickboxes or barcodes on any type of document such as emails, attachments, claim forms or invoice payments.  It will also work on a full range of electronic documents such as emails and PDF’s.

helps you manage your data

Natural language processing can extract any piece of content and match the information together. It can also perform lookups against your back end systems to validate data.

improves responsiveness to customers

By intelligently sorting documents that are then sent to the right department you can reduce the manual intervention and data entry required. This elimination of steps in a process will make your processes quicker, slashing your turn around times. You can improve your customer service whilst saving time and money.

Don’t be left behind, invest in the new data capture technology  today

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