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Make sure your business is ready for changes to lease accounting methodology 

how we can help

IFRS16 changes mean that your documents need to be reevaluated.

We use our content management solutions to help you deal efficiently with the required changes.

Review your current processes

You will need an easily accessible solution which holds all your documents regardless of their format.  We will assess your current processes and systems to determine their effectiveness.  

intelligently capture your data

We can create a solution which will read all your contracts, capturing all the key information required. This includes start and end dates, employer, public and aggregate liabilities and costs per area. All this information will help you make informed decisions.


reduce the manpower required

Reviewing all your contracts could be a very labour intensive task. We utilise Natural Language Processing techniques to uncover all the relevant information. This is regardless of document length, layout or format. If needed we can even manage the scanning of documents if they are currently in a paper format.

Don’t manually look through each contract to find what you need

Find out more about our partners

We are partners with IBM and Kofax and have extensive knowledge of their products, old and new.

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