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Identifying vital information easily

what are the benefits?

Identifying information from a wide range of documents can provide major benefits for a health trust.

Existing data can hold valuable insights which can be utilised for research purposes and to improve patient care.

increased accuracy

Identifying the relevant content through this process can ensure treatments and health issues are not missed.  A robust system can also help reduce clinical coding errors.  


gather new data

Clinicians, healthcare workers and executives can derive new information from existing documents. Information that has been hidden from view will become accessible.


reveal insights

This new information can provide clinical and operational insights, allowing you to spot trends, patterns and anomalies in the data. This data can help drive research and reduce operating costs.

improve patient care by gaining new knowledge from your healthcare records

Find out how this solution works in practice

Our solution can help you make better use of the wealth of healthcare information you hold. Find out how we helped Swansea University make the most of their content.

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