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We are an IBM Partner which enables us to provide and support IBM Enterprise Content Management solutions. Our certified technical team can ably assist you in best practice regarding IBM products. We use the following products to create the right solution for your business.

IBM FileNet Content Management products deliver full content lifecycle and content management capabilities. They are designed for fast, cost effective content management solutions and are easy to use for all sizes of business.  

IBM Datacap extracts information from documents and is the best system available for data capture. It is adaptable, can be customised and offers enhanced document classification. It gives you faster access to the right content.

IBM Automation Document Processing (ADP) works seamlessly with Datacap to help build an AI-powered data enrichment tool for document processing and storage.

IBM Case Manager provides case workers with access to information from various sources and offers advanced search and real time access to speed up your business processes.

IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) suite is a platform which enables the creation of workflow applications to improve productivity. Workflow applications coordinate work between tasks performed by humans and automated tasks to improve daily business operations.

We use these products to create innovative solutions for our clients.

If you are looking for a way to organise, manage and process documents

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We have creative and innovative solutions to help customers capture, index and label documents. With effective storage of documents you are able to search for information more easily to streamline your processes.

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