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payment card industry (PcI) compliance

Make sure you are compliant with PCI regulations regarding credit card information

how does our solution work?

We use sophisticated optical character recognition technology to redact sensitive information such as credit card numbers, bank sort code or account number without destroying the rest of the document.

There is no limit to the number of documents we can process.  Usually companies use our solution on their existing archives but it can also be used as part of your live scanning process.

fingerprinting technology

This process finds the data required from a structured document. The content is captured by looking at the layout of the page.  


Logic technology

This involves techniques such as looking at patterns of numbers within a distance of certain words or anchor points and uses LUHN algorithms. This system can find content anywhere on a page.


Automated processes

Our solution runs in the background so very little employee time is required to keep it going.  Images can still be accessed while the compliance engine is running so there is no downtime for your business. 

offers a flexible solution

Every company is different so we can set the compliance programme to run using your specific rules. Our solution can be a one off process to help you become compliant or an ongoing solution to ensure best practice day to day.

Use our cutting edge technology to ensure you are compliant 

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