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Accessing IBM Content Repositories through MS-Teams

by | Oct 14, 2021 | content management

Did you know that it’s now possible to access content stored in your IBM Content Repository in Microsoft Teams?

There has been an exponential growth in the use of Microsoft Teams in recent times. This has, of course, been driven by the pandemic and the need to keep in touch and collaborate remotely. It has also been helped by the fact that at the same time as deprecating Skype for Business, Microsoft has invested heavily in Teams, which has paid dividends in terms of improved stability and functionality.

Despite the leaps forward, Teams’ usefulness is limited unless it can be integrated with enterprise applications. IBM have integrated Teams with Content Navigator, providing new and exciting ways for customers to access their content. This statement from our colleagues at IBM summarises the offering:

“The ability to fully access IBM Content Navigator within Teams gives users the ability to find and collaborate on content stored within mission critical content repositories like FileNet Content Manager and Content Manager OnDemand. They can do this all without leaving Teams to get the information they need, whether that be referring to documents related to a case while chatting with a teammate, on a video conference or in a team channel. When a new document needs to be added, they do not need to leave Teams to upload to Navigator or create a duplicate in SharePoint. Documents can be uploaded directly into Navigator from Teams to provide advanced document management features like classification, metadata and entry templates to ensure all the necessary information is captured, ensuring compliance and making it easier to find in the future. This connection can be configured to immediately show a saved search, Teamspace or any other relevant URL of Navigator that is most relevant to the user. From there, they can take advantage of all the powerful features within Content Navigator including advanced searches, records declaration, entry templates, collaboration and more.”

This exciting functionality is available to customers who are running IBM Content Navigator 3.0.7 and above.


IBM Content Navigator inside Teams


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