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An automated solution to process business emails

Why use our Intelligent email application?

Quickly turn data into information and insights.

Companies in any industry view email transactions as key to doing business now and in the future. Our solution can help the financial, healthcare and insurance industries as well as HR departments effectively deal with email traffic.

Greater Consistency and Quality

The results for this solution are predictable, consistent and very reliable. The technology never tires, never forgets and never quits.

Quicker processes at a lower cost

The throughput rate of classification-heavy processes can be improved without increasing headcount or costs.

improved customer service

By reducing response times to customers, suppliers and trading partners you can be more efficient and reactive to requests.

Increase productivity and employee satisfaction

By reducing the number of subject matter experts performing classification and data entry, employees can undertake more meaningful document processing instead of repetitive tasks.

use our intelligent email application to transform your business

Find out how we can help your organisation

Our talented team of consultants and engineers provide all the advice, guidance and expertise required to successfully implement the right content management solution for you.

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