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Once a solution is in place we are here to support you

What we can offer

We can create a bespoke package for you, if required.

However we do have some example offerings to illustrate the levels of support available to you.

Silver support

This package includes telephone and email support, remote login to your systems and health checks to ensure your solution is operating to it’s full potential. You also have the option to purchase consultancy days at a greatly reduced rate with this package. This can be helpful when upgrades are required. 

Gold support

This package has all the features of Silver Support PLUS an emergency callout facility. This would involve one of our consultants visiting you onsite if a problem arises. They can then focus immediately on your issue.

telephone advice and guidance

If your business uses products that are no longer supported by the manufacturer, or if you need protection from price increases, we can offer support to keep your system delivering benefits.    

application support

If you already have formal support with the product manufacturer or even another partner you may require another “set of eyes” regarding your content management solutions. This could be to help with custom configuration or integration support for your solution.

Supporting you to ensure your content management system works for you

We can help you migrate your content

If you have a legacy system that needs updating we can assist you.

Our highly knowledgable and experienced consultants can review your current system and advise you on an up to date solution for your needs.

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+44 (0)1454 889966